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Our mission is to provide comprehensive legal advice and support to individuals, families, and businesses, offering affordable and seamless legal transactions with care and expertise. We seek to alleviate our clients’ worries and help them enjoy life in America to the fullest. 

We pledge to uphold our values of humaneness, fairness, and transparency as we focus on serving a diverse group. 

We envision a well-informed community of immigrants that fosters a safe and inclusive environment for new immigrants to thrive.

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We consistently maintain open lines of communication even after business hours with our clientele which helps us to stay on top of our clients' matters.

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At Plan Life Law, we attend weekly CLE for the professional growth of the members of our firm and to keep current on the latest legal developments as well as to sharpen our skills.

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We provide reliable and effective legal representation to our clients. Our passion is to have an end goal that's always favorable to our clients.

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We understand everyone of our clients that's why we aim at providing quality legal service at flat rates.

Symantha J. Rhodes is a U.S. immigration attorney with over seven years of legal experience. As an immigrant herself, she is dedicated to helping the immigrant community. You can trust that Symantha will handle your matter with the utmost care.

She has volunteered with Catholic Charities Asylum Seekers Resource Center, providing legal resources to newly arriving asylum seekers in New York City and AILA MAP by aiding military families with immigration matters.  

Symantha's vision for a successful virtual law firm that provides quality services has become a reality. Her passion for traveling and connecting with diverse cultures has made her a sought-after attorney by a diverse group.


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