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The U.S. immigration law is rooted in the principles of family unification, building a productive workforce that contributes to the U.S. economy, the protection of refugees and advancement of human rights, and the promotion of diversity. Hence, all pathways to legal status in the U.S. are required to advance one or more of these principles. Immigration options.

Business Law

Thinking of starting or already owning a business? We are here to help with all the processes of business ownership. We provide advice for the best structure and licensing requirements (fed., state, and local) for the business type, and assist with the formation, protection, and the continued operation of your business. Business owners info. 

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Estate Law

The word estate is use to describe property a person owned at the time of their passing. Those property can include, tangibles (home, car, jewelry), and intangibles such as an interest in a business. Estate planning covers the transfer of property at death as well as a variety of other personal matters and may involve tax planning and asset protection. How to start planning.

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